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Daliah Lavi gehört für mich defintiv nicht in die Kategorie “Musik aus dem Giftschrank” – diesbezüglich hat der dt. Schlager wirklich unendlich viel Material im Archiv. Ich mochte ihre Lieder und Auftritte eigentlich immer.

Willst Du mit mir gehn ?

… und der gleiche Titel ca. 30 Jahre später :

MATISYAHU – Jerusalem  (wiki)

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December 8, 2007 at 8:47 am

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  1. i like the video , its all time great , but , not able to pick up the language !

    Entertainment News

    December 8, 2007 at 12:38 pm

  2. hi entertainment news ;),
    if you meant the second video: after the beach scene with herr little son in the beginning she complains,that scene was seen a thousend times by her – how boring and piffle -,so lets make something different.
    on jerusalem she explains her intensive emotions while singing that song, she gives all her heart and power,because this topic/item means so much to her. after performing the song she is rather down.
    google translator gives the following german-english translation of the song:Daliah Lavi – WILLST DU MIT MIR GEHN

    Daliah Lavi – Will you go with me

    Will you go with me,
    If my way into the darkness.
    Will you go with me,
    If my day night wind tracks.
    If I no longer will be vagabond,
    Will you build up my house
    And you retire with me from life.

    Will you go with me,
    . Light and shadow understand.
    You rotate with the wind roses,
    Will you go with me.
    Will you go with me

    They call it love, we call it happiness,
    No language has more than words.

    Will you go with me,…

    Will you go with me,
    . If I am not, as once more.
    Will you go with me,
    Even if you order yesterday crying.
    If each of silence betrays us,
    What are we talking about,
    Does a word of you comfort me even then?

    Will you go with me…
    One calls it….
    Will you go with me…

    Will you go with me,
    If the fear lingered with me,
    Will you go with me,
    If time heals me no more.

    If the reputation of the World in front of me silent,
    Ask ye after me.
    You also then will wait in front of my door?


    December 8, 2007 at 6:16 pm

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